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Italy, territory of Faith and Spirit, has always been home of countless places of worship and devotion and offers a huge variety of pilgrimage destinations.

From the Vatican in Rome where you might attend the Papal Audience with the Holy Father and admire the splendour of St Peter’s Basilica, to Assisi where you can explore the birthplace of St. Francis, visit his tomb and his magnificent Basilica.

From San Giovanni Rotondo and Pietralcina where Padre Pio lived and worked, up to Siena, the quiet hometown of St. Catherine.

In Loreto lies the Basilica of the Holy House: the same house where the Archangel Gabriel visited the Virgin Mary and where Jesus spent most of his life

The small mountain village of Greccio , where in 1223 St Francis of Assisi commemorated the birth of Jesus for the first time in the history of Christianity

Whatsmore, from Turin, site of the Holy Shroud bearing the image of Christ after the crucifixion, to Padova where the much venerated St Anthony lived.

You will be able to explore the roots of a culture which has produced arts, objects and masterpieces of inestimable value.
You will walk in the footsteps of famous Saints and Christians who sacrificed their lives for their faith and utmost devotion to Jesus Christ.
You will enter impressive cathedrals and little churches, hidden abbeys and humble monasteries, celebrating holy masses along your way.

Traveling with a religious group is one of the most powerful ways to develop friendship, to enrich your spiritual life and to renew your faith.
A new call for dialogue , listening and sharing that we would like to organize for you!

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